Photos - Eastwood Kit: Spot And Stitch Welder Set With Rods

The Spot Gun kit comes with two heads - a four prong head for flat surfaces and a two prong head for corners.
Inserting a rod.
Making sure the rod is level with the end...
...and turning the screw to clamp it in place (I wish it had some sort of knob).
Wire end attached to welder.
I actually tried to burn a hole through the metal but couldn't.
My first weld with the stitch welder... As they say, you don't have to be a good welder, just a good grinder. ;-)
Oops... The rod stuck to the metal and turned to mush.
Getting better and...
... note - no burn through.
A shot from the backside.

For more information, see my blog entries or visit the Eastwood site at: "Spot And Stitch Welder Set With Rods".